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In order to limit health risks associated with COVID-19, Dandelion Dogs
will also be offering Virtual Dog Training sessions at this time

Virtual Dog Training 
Special Offer

$10 for 10 minutes of Dog Training

Dandelion Dog Training is currently offering a new service of video review through an app called Marco Polo
Dog owners can send video messages back and forth with Erika to show what what you and your dog are working on between lessons or demonstrate that pesky issue that never seems to show up when the trainer is there! Erika can send you a video message back with some tips for getting "unstuck" or for advancing to the next level of training!

Ready to try Virtual Dog Training?

All you need to do to get started with Virtual Dog Training is Download the Marco Polo App and send Erika a message in the Contact Form below with your name and phone number. Erika will send you a personal greeting through Marco Polo and we can get started with your dog training right away! 

Marco Polo videos are not "live" but rather are recorded messages sent back and forth
from dog owners to the trainer so training can be done at any time and doesn't need
to be scheduled in advance. Erika will give a brief tutorial of how it works upon
receiving a completed contact form below. Training can be billed in 10 minute
increments or billed at the end of one hour. All details will be emailed to client. 
The cost of 10 minutes of virtual video dog training is $10
The cost of 60 minutes of virtual video dog training is $60

Simply fill out the form below to get started. Please include your phone number in message. 

Marco Polo Virtual Dog Training Contact Form:

I wish my dog... 

...walked nicely on a leash
...didn't jump up on guests entering the house
...came running every time I called his name
...stopped having accidents in the house 
...could one day become a therapy dog

No matter how you finish that sentence, Erika can help you achieve your training goals! 

Doggy School Is In Session!

In-home, Private Lessons & Day Training 
are available for the following areas: 

Williamsburg, VA
Newport News, VA
Hampton, VA
Gloucester, VA
Norfolk, VA
Chesapeake, VA

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